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Senior Marketing Manager

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Role Purpose

To oversee and lead content development strategy with Sindalah's business goals and tone of voice, targeting specific audiences. Lead the editorial calendar and ensure high standards of content quality across all marketing, cross-functional departments, and Sindalah operators. Maintain alignment with website and social channel strategies as part of the overall marketing communications plan.

Key Accountabilities & Activities

Content Strategy

  • Develop and implement a unified content strategy that aligns with Sindalah's business goals and is consistently applied across Creative Campaigns, Websites, Social Media, PR & Communications.
  • Cascade the content strategy to Sindalah operators to ensure alignment and coherence in content across different business units.
  • Use data analytics to identify audience preferences and behaviors, shaping the content strategy accordingly.
  • Set measurable objectives for content performance, such as engagement rates, conversion metrics, and ROI.
  • Conduct regular content audits to assess the effectiveness of existing content and make data-driven recommendations for adjustments.
  • Collaborate with Sindalah's marketing and PR teams to integrate the content strategy into broader organizational initiatives.

Editorial Calendar

  • Lead the creation and ongoing management of Sindalah's editorial calendar, ensuring it aligns with organizational goals and content strategy.
  • Foster a creative environment that encourages innovation in content creation across all departments.
  • Coordinate with Sindalah's marketing, PR, and cross-functional teams to align the editorial calendar with broader organizational activities and campaigns.
  • Ensure content deadlines are met, from the initial stages of development through to publication.
  • Oversee the content approval process to ensure all pieces meet Sindalah's editorial guidelines and strategic objectives.

Website Content Management

  • Take responsibility for the overall content and user experience of Sindalah's website, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and content strategy.
  • Regularly update and optimize website content, collaborating closely with the Digital Tech Team for seamless execution.
  • Coordinate with Sindalah's marketing and PR teams to ensure website content is aligned with ongoing campaigns and broader organizational initiatives.
  • Utilize SEO best practices to enhance website visibility and drive organic traffic.
  • Monitor website analytics to assess content performance, making data-driven recommendations for improvements.

Creative Content Development

  • Oversee the style and tone of written content across all marketing channels, ensuring alignment with Sindalah's overall strategy and brand message.
  • Review and edit content produced by Sindalah's creative agency to maintain a consistent and effective tone of voice.
  • Serve as the guardian of written content, ensuring it adheres to Sindalah's brand guidelines across various departments including PR, Comms, Advertising, and Social Media.
  • Collaborate with the Advertising Manager to ensure that written content within broader campaigns is on-brand and meets the established standards for style and tone.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

  • Review and edit communication materials, including crisis communication plans and key messages, to ensure consistency in tone of voice and style, as provided by the PR and Communications Manager.
  • Offer written content support to the PR and Communications Manager for real-time communication during crisis situations.
  • Post-crisis, collaborate with the PR and Communications Manager in evaluating the effectiveness of written communications, contributing to data-driven recommendations for future improvements.

Background, Skills & Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • A minimum of 6 years of experience in developing creative campaigns, with a focus on both visual and written content.
  • Proficiency in copywriting in both English and Arabic.
  • Previous experience working in the Middle East, understanding the cultural and market nuances.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to manage cross-functional teams and external agencies.
  • Solid understanding of content strategy and its integration into broader marketing and organizational objectives.
  • Ability to use data analytics for content performance assessment and strategy refinement.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Communications, or a related field.




  • Head of Marketing
  • Sindalah Marketing Department
  • Tourism
  • NEOM Central Marketing
  • Creative Agencies


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