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Brand Manager

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Brand Manager

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Head of Marketing

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Role Purpose

The Brand Manager is responsible for managing the Sindalah brand and its associated island operators, ensuring alignment with Sindalah's overall organizational objectives. Additionally, this role will lead the brand development strategies for future islands within the NEOM archipelago, ensuring each island’s brand aligns with the broader vision for NEOM.

Job Description

List 6-8 deliverables and accountabilities for the job. These should describe the essence of the role and the key activities of the job, particularly the key decision-making areas and work activities. Try and avoid writing a long list of tasks. for key deliverables.

Ensure Position Title is the same Title that appears in the Org’ Chart

Key Accountabilities & Activities

Brand Strategy & Development

  • Develop and implement comprehensive brand strategies for Sindalah, grounded in market research and business objectives.
  • Lead initiatives to define and articulate Sindalah’s brand positioning, voice, and visual identity.
  • Establish clear guidelines and protocols to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Use data analytics to track brand performance metrics, making strategic adjustments based on insights and trends.
  • Work closely with the marketing and creative teams to align brand strategies and guidelines with overall marketing goals and campaigns
  • Work closely with the Loyalty and Customer Experience Manager to create signature brand experiences.

Operator Brand Management

  • Collaborate with island operators to ensure their brand strategies align with Sindalah's overarching vision and goals.
  • Provide brand management guidelines and support to operators, helping them maintain brand consistency.
  • Review operators' branding materials, from logos to promotional campaigns, to ensure alignment with Sindalah standards.
  • Coordinate with operators to leverage co-branding opportunities that benefit both Sindalah and the individual operators.

Future NEOM Islands Branding

  • Lead the conceptualization and development of brand identities for upcoming NEOM Islands, ensuring a cohesive brand architecture that follows NEOM's brand strategy.
  • Work closely with the NEOM Branding Team to integrate Sindalah's brand elements into the overarching NEOM Islands brand strategy.
  • Establish fully strategized brand direction and guidelines for each new NEOM Island, preparing them for market entry.
  • Work with NEOM's Intellectual Property team to conduct market research and secure trademarks for the new NEOM Islands.

Brand Audit & Monitoring

  • Conduct regular brand audits for Sindalah and future NEOM Islands to assess brand health, market positioning, and overall brand equity.
  • Implement tracking mechanisms to continuously monitor brand performance metrics, such as brand awareness, preference, and loyalty.
  • Work with the Digital Team to analyze brand-related KPIs and measure Share of Voice in collaboration with the PR team, using these insights to adjust brand strategies as needed.
  • Coordinate with external brand consultants or agencies for in-depth brand audits, leveraging their expertise to refine brand positioning and strategy.

Brand Narrative & Messaging

  • Develop and maintain a compelling brand narrative and messaging framework for Sindalah and future NEOM Islands, ensuring alignment with the overarching brand strategy.
  • Collaborate with the Sindalah marketing team to integrate the brand narrative into all communication channels, from social media to press releases.
  • Lead the creation of brand guidelines that articulate the brand's tone of voice, key messages, and visual elements.
  • Continuously update and revise the brand narrative to ensure market resilience.

Background, Skills & Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 12 years of experience in brand management, with a focus on developing and executing comprehensive brand strategies.
  • At least 5 years in a leadership role, overseeing brand development and management in complex business environments.
  • Proven ability to build and maintain strong brand architectures that align with overall business objectives.
  • Extensive experience in conducting brand audits and utilizing metrics for brand monitoring.
  • Strong communication skills, with a track record of effective cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Demonstrable experience in creating compelling brand narratives and messaging frameworks.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Brand Management or Marketing.




  • Head of Marketing
  • Sindalah Executive team
  • NEOM Central Marketing
  • Sindalah Operators
  • Branding agencies


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