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Multimedia Designer

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We are looking for a multimedia designer who act as the creative minds behind advertisements, informational videos, and many other types of content you come across online or while watching television.

They combine text, audio, animation, photography, and video to create informational and impactful content. We are looking to talents to create innovative marketing campaigns designed to entice the digital native.

Create Project Mock-Ups Based on Project ScopeThe project mock-up is the multimedia designer’s blueprint. Designing it usually involves brainstorming sessions with other multimedia designers to decide upon the creative direction of a given project.

Use Computer Programs to Create Animation, Audio, and Visual Effects Multimedia designers spend most of their time using the tools found in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Perform Edits Based on Feedback from StakeholdersIn the creative process, the first version of something often varies significantly from the final version.

Conduct Research to Create Accurate AnimationsWhen multimedia designers are responsible for animating a person or animal, they conduct several hours of meticulous research to make body movements and facial expressions as accurate as possible.


Experience in:

  • Creating graphics, animations, and special effects, as well as editing photos, audio, and video using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Collaborating with other creatives to brainstorm creative concepts
  • Using active listening skills and constructive criticism to fine-tune their work
  • Prioritizing tasks based on deadline proximity


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