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Humanities Center (Morocco) Post-Doctoral Researchers

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About Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P)

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution focused on applied research and innovation. With a strong orientation toward Africa, it aspires to be among the globally recognized universities in these fields.

Located in the heart of the Mohammed VI Green City, near Marrakech, its founding campus serves as a hub for national, continental, and international impact.

More than just a traditional academic institution, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is a platform for experimentation and a source of opportunities often referred to by students as 'The School of Life.'

As a microcosm of the outside world with its challenges, prospects, and promises, the University aims to unlock the potential of Moroccan youth and students from across Africa. UM6P is indeed a center of knowledge dedicated to research, high-level education, and innovation for development. But it is also committed to an innovative pedagogical approach that places experiential learning and practical application at the core of its education and research. Our pedagogy serves inquisitive and creative minds, whether they are students, faculty, or partners.

This Safe Space, embracing life in all its diversity, complexity, and opportunities, is not merely about producing engineers, architects, or leaders. UM6P provides a new kind of learning environment with its Living Labs, digital components, and peer-to-peer learning to equip young minds to tackle the major challenges of our time. We guide them to become solution creators, continually progressing throughout their professional lives, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Our campuses are designed to foster scientific, cultural, sports, and artistic emulation, with all facilities open to the University community. We aim for everyone to embrace the spaces and resources, nurturing a proactive and progressive mindset, geared towards entrepreneurship and wealth creation. By promoting social and territorial inclusion, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University adopts a sustainable participatory approach. Students are the main actors in this academic experience that creates shared value for the ecosystem. Together, we innovate, study, build, and progress.

UM6P - Humanities Center (Morocco) is recruiting Post-Doctoral Researchers for the following research fields and topics:

Logic - Language - Computer Science

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human language: human-machine interaction
  • Q-bit and information: language of quantum computing


Philosophy of Mathematics:

  • Quantum Groups.
  • Geometry and information.
  • Symplectic Groups.

Philosophy Of Physics

  • Foliations and Causality in Special and General Relativity.
  • Theory of Everything and World Representation: comparative study of String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity.
  • Quantum entanglement and wormholes.

Classical Arabic Philosophy

  • Differences and similarities between Arabic Aristotle as interpreted by Averroes and the original in his Great Commentaries:
    • Metaphysics
    • Physics
    • De Anima
    • De Caelo
  • Arabic Averroism: a study of the critical reception and development of the Cordovan's work in the Arab-Muslim context.
Philosophy Of Law

  • Fiqh and secularized law in the Moroccan context.
  • Limits of Usul al-fiqh as a sufficient paradigm for legal production.


Three spatial zones and two temporal eras (8th - 13th centuries and 14th - 18th centuries):

  • 'East' Zone (Baghdad - Rayy - Isfahan...)
    • History of Medicine and Biology
    • History of Mathematics, Optics, and Astronomy
    • History of Physics
  • 'West' Zone (Andalusia - Maghreb...)
    • History of Medicine and Biology
    • History of Mathematics, Optics, and Astronomy
    • History of Physics
  • 'South' Zone (Timbuktu...)
    • History of Medicine and Biology
    • History of Mathematics, Optics, and Astronomy
    • History of Physics
Ethics: (in the Moroccan context)

  • Difficult home care and family caregivers
  • Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy
  • End-of-life and discontinuation of care
  • Therapeutic trials (human and animal)
  • Organ donations
  • Medicine and Artificial Intelligence
  • Impact of UM6P on local populations (health, education, cost of living...)


  • An epistemology of the Multiverse in the context of Theories of Everything (String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity)
  • An epistemology of the Block Universe
  • Black holes, wormholes, and time travel in Special and General Relativity: epistemological analysis


  • For postdoctoral contracts:
    • Holders of a Ph.D. (PhD) in one of the disciplinary fields listed above.

  • Access to international-level research and training
  • Our postdoc candidates will have access to cutting-edge research, training, and expertise.
  • Global competitiveness
  • Our postdoc candidates acquire the skills and knowledge needed to compete in the global job market.
  • Professional development and networking opportunities
  • International network of top-tier business schools partners.
  • Participation in international conferences
  • Additional doctoral research training at a top-tier international business school for the best candidates.
  • Postdoc supervision teams combining experienced researchers and internationally seasoned practicing professors.

Admission Requirements

The school seeks candidates - from Morocco and abroad - with ambitious research programs aligned with the above-mentioned fields and research topics, preferably with direct relevance to the African continent. Candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Hold a master's degree from an institution recognized by UM6P and the Moroccan Ministry of Education. Prior research experience is desirable.
  • Master both English and French (spoken and written).
  • Dedicate full-time commitment to the program.
  • A research proposal (details below).

The Position Offers

  • A unique focus on research, with limited teaching requirements.
  • Generous compensation.
  • Partnerships with top global universities.
  • Opportunity to establish unique partnerships with public research bodies.
  • Supervision by experienced researchers with international references in collaboration with practicing professors.
  • Co-supervision by high-level academics in partner universities, research internships at top international universities for the best candidates.
  • Participation in at least two international academic conferences.

Priority will be given to candidates who have demonstrated their ability to initiate innovative, relevant, and ambitious research projects.

Location: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is located in Ben Guérir, Morocco, near Marrakech.

To have your application considered, you must upload at least the following documents:

  • A motivation letter, in English, addressing the following questions (maximum of 2 pages):
    • Why do you intend to enroll in a post-doctoral program?
    • What are your research interests, and why are you interested in them?
    • What are your future plans after obtaining your post-doc (i.e., 4 to 10 years from now)?
    • Why are you applying to UM6P?
    • Why do you believe you are qualified for a post-doctoral candidacy?
    • How do your academic and professional background (if applicable) help you become a successful post-doctoral researcher?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) in English, containing at least the following information:
    • Details of previous education
    • Details of bachelor's, master's & PhD degrees (accreditation status, research training information, and bachelor's and/or master's theses, if applicable, domain, etc.)
    • Details of previous research results (publications, participation in research conferences, research awards, if applicable)
    • Details of programming and software skills (if applicable)
    • Language skills
    • Details of professional experience (if applicable)
    • Names and contact information for two or three references.
  • Research proposal (no more than 2 or 3 pages):
    • Clear connection to one of the aforementioned research fields and topics.
    • What practical problem do you intend to solve? Why is it important to address this problem for businesses and society?
    • What preliminary answers to your research problem do existing knowledge provide? What do we still not know?
    • How do you plan to address your research problem and related questions? Explain your data collection and analysis strategy.
    • What is new in your research idea, and how do you believe your research will contribute to the development of new knowledge?
  • For future post-doctoral researchers: Thesis jury report (or, if applicable, thesis monitoring committee report).
(IMPORTANT)! A writing sample. For research master's degree holders, this should be the master's thesis. For those with a non-research master's degree, it could be a report you have written, an essay, or a piece of work you have submitted, or any other writing sample showcasing your writing skills.

Desirable: Your test scores (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, or your rank in previous university admission tests, etc., if available; provide evidence whenever possible).

Start Date: The program will commence in October 2024.

For more information about the research program for post-doctoral candidates, please contact (Director of UM6P - Humanities Center, Dr. Abdelouahab RGOUD)

For any further information, please reach out to : HR-faculty@um6p.ma


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