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AI Recruiter Bootcamp (online – part-time)

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Are you a student, a recent graduate, or considering a career change, and find yourself lacking the essential skills to pursue your dream job? Look no further; our Bootcamp is tailored just for you. Join us and embark on a journey of skill development through hands-on training and real project experience!

Program Overview

– Hands-on Training: Immerse yourself in a practical learning environment.

– Skill Certification: Acquire industry-recognized certifications.

– Project Work: Collaborate with our German AI startup, Moyyn, on real projects.

What You Will Gain From This Program

– Hands-on Training: Work within the dynamic environment of a German AI startup.

– Direct Interaction: Learn and collaborate directly with founders and potential clients from Germany.

– Practical Experience: Engage in group project work to build expertise in the domain.

Program Modules

  • Hands-on Training and Projects:

– Get hands-on experience working with our Chief Product Officer and clients in talent acquisition and AI

– Responsibilities include job posting and management, active sourcing, collaboration with our affiliates, conducting pre-screening interviews, and contributing to ChatGPT project work.

  • AI Talent Acquisition Training:

– Benefit from 16+ hours of training led by experienced talent managers, along with guest speakers.

– Delve into the fundamentals of talent acquisition, covering passive and active sourcing, job boards, LinkedIn Recruiter, video interview tools, and modern hiring techniques, including ChatGPT.

– Understand and work with AI tools to optimize your work

– Learn the fundamentals of AI concepts and applications in recruitment

  • Career Guidance:

– Receive guidance on how to successfully secure a job.

– Engage in career sessions, get introduced to job search platforms, learn CV and cover letter preparation, and gain valuable interview tips.

Why Choose Our AI Talent Acquisition Manager Training Program?

– Skill Development: Acquire the fundamental skills required for recruitment.

– Career Advancement: Gain the confidence and training needed for a career switch to become a recruiter.

– Job Opportunities: Increase your job prospects and receive referrals to our clients and partners.

– Real Startup Projects: Collaborate directly with our Chief Product Officer on tangible startup projects.

– Networking: Join our GATE community to expand your professional network and build lasting connections.

Take the first step towards building a successful career in talent acquisition with our comprehensive training program. Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill and open doors to exciting job prospects!”


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