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Perform day to day activities related to ladle refining furnace ((LRF) operation including

preparation, maintaining safe working environment and reporting unsafe conditions. Perform

related activities for process improvement as directed by immediate superior.

  • He should ensure compliance to IMS system (QMS, EMS &

OHSAS) requirements by reading, reviewing and updating the

departmental procedures and documents.
  • The employee shall follow all the company policies, Regulations of

(govt.& companies) and securing the company’s Assets in line with

code of conduct.
  • To minimize the production cost with minimum usage of resources

such as spares, consumables, tools and manpower.
  • He shall read and understand all work procedures, work

instructions, quality documents and grade specifications.
  • Attending toolbox meeting with his crew members, to address all

the safe working practices, INIR’s, Hazard & Risk Identification’s,

Ladder Safety and House Keeping.
  • He should ensure that all required tools and tackles and

consumables are available near the shop floor for his shift as well

as for reliever shift to avoid any kind of delays.
  • He shall report on near misses, incidents, process off-sets, equipment failures and un-safe practices resulting to injuries, property damages, failures and delays to his immediate superior.
  • He must follow the shift relieving policy (handover & takeover of

shift at work site) and also he must ensure himself available at work

site during working hours.
  • He must follow the instructions of his superior’s and carry-out work

as per his directives.

  • Carry-out pre-operation inspection / check list, equipment trials and

any abnormalities noticed to be reporting to immediate superior.
  • Preparation and readiness of LF, equipment’s and auxiliary units for

operation, including process parameter loading.
  • Preparation includes taking clearance for startup of equipment’s &

process from the maintenance / auxiliary departments.
  • Performing all the activities related to heat process: ladle receiving,

purging activity, heating, alloy additions, trimming, slag control,

sampling / temp activity and heat lifting for caster as per the

process flow chart / process standard.
  • Monitoring HMI screen for water cooling system, temperatures

readings, material Bins level, power supply and process

parameters, communication system.
  • He must ensure for 100% compliances for lifting chemistry, lifting temperature and super heat. Any deviation must be brought in to his immediate superior immediately. SMP-LRF-W-02
  • Coordinating with Refractory SIC for ladle rotation plan & ladle bay

for tapping ladle condition, purging plug and ladle lip condition. Ladle rotation plan
  • Coordinating with EAF / LF supervisor & hot metal crane operator

for tapped ladle transfer & and electrode activity.
  • Coordinating with CCM supervisor & hot metal crane operator for

heat lifting to caster.
  • Coordinating with heavy vehicle operator for slag removal from

dumping area & additive operator for Ferro alloys & fluxes feeding.
  • Coordinating with down side operator for materials & consumables

shifting, purging lines condition, ladle car rails & trench condition on

regular basis.
  • Logging all the information in Level 2 system related to heat report,

deviations, delays, electrode changing / adjustment activities and

Ladle details like Re -ladle & purging status reports.
  • Performing the activity related to inspection of power cables,

electrodes holders, equipment’s, conveyor belts, , purging lines, ,

ladle car rails & trench etc.
  • Performing the inspection activity like ladle shell & slag zone bricks,

lip jam condition, LF roof & delta for water leaks & metal jam.
  • Electrode changing, adjustment & preparation and seeking assistance from EAF / LF supervisor.
  • Carry-out housekeeping related activities to keep his work area

safe from incidents, hazards, risks and environmental friendly.
  • Air blowing on the holder, working floor cleaning, roof jam &

inspection door cleaning and assisting LF operator in ladle car,

track and trench cleaning. Shut down Job list
  • During break downs , shut downs and major stoppages he must

provide his support to maintenance departments & carry-out

activities like equipment cleaning / maintaining and painting etc. Shut down Job list
  • Handling all the emergency and abnormal situation as per the

SOP’s guidelines and superior’s instructions.
  • Review all above procedure time to time and prepare contingency

plan with superiors for safe handling of these situations.


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