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Sr. Network and Infrastructure Administrator

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Domain Controller:

  • Managing Active Directory, DNS, and Certificate Authority. 

  • Organize user accounts, groups, and devices in the OU hierarchy. 

  • Keep the system clutter-free and efficient. 

  • Utilize PowerShell.


  • Manage Core Switches, as well as maintain routers.

  • Manage Fiber Connection.

  • Wireless Controller and Access Points.

  • Edge Switches.

  • VLANs and Trunks.

  • DHCP through Core switch.

  • Fax Service through IP.

  • Intercom and CCTV.


  • Monitor endpoint security. 

  • Address alerts and anomalies. 

  • Manage signature updates.

  • Conduct regular scans. 

  • Renew and manage Antivirus Software licenses.

  • Hands-on Virtualization and MS Hyper-V.

  • Manage Firewalls.

  • Monitor and upgrade Firewall firmware. 

  • Handle Firewall rules. 

  • Support Firewall SSL VPN access. 

  • Perform Firewall planned upgrades.

Backup & Recovery:

  • Schedule automated backups. 

  • Restore critical components. 

Procurement :

  • Evaluate IT purchases. 

  • Manage stock.

  • Manage relationships with vendors.

  • Conduct negotiations and contracts with vendors.

IP Telephony:

  • IP Telephony implementation.

  • Users (Licenes), Resoiurce account (license).

  • Voie Routes, Dial Plan.

  • Users Extension numbers and policies.

  • Call queue and members (users, group, channels).

  • Nested auto attendant.

  • Session Border controller force tunneling and firewall rules.

  • Session Border controller health monitor.

  • Session Border Controller certificate renewal.

  • License and contract support.

  • Session border controller firmware upgrade.

  • IP Telephony direct routing diagram.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or Computer Sciences.

  • 4+ years in a position with relevant experience.


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