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Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Expert

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At Uni Systems, we are working towards turning digital visions into reality. We are continuously growing, and we are looking for a Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Expert to join our UniQue team.

What will you bring to the team?

  • Investigate targeted cyber attacks and security incidents, focusing on sensitive information leaks.
  • Conduct computer forensics and perform malware and behavioral analysis to extract cyber threat intelligence.
  • Innovate and develop new solutions to enhance response capabilities against evolving cyber attack risks.
  • Actively engage in major IT Security events, collaborating with industry peers and stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the exchange of research and knowledge within the cybersecurity field.
  • Participate in internal research workgroups.
  • Play a role in shaping and enhancing internal Information Security policies.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is required.
  • Possess at least 2 years of specific expertise in digital forensics.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems is essential.
  • Must be well-versed in security technologies such as Antivirus, Firewalls, IDS, and network analyzers (e.g., Wireshark).
  • Ability to install and configure security industry-standard solutions like MISP, OpenCTI, and theHIVE.
  • Experience with programming languages like Bash/Shell Scripting and Python. Knowledge of additional languages like Java and C/C++ would be advantageous.
  • Understanding of offensive security techniques and procedures.
  • Previous experience in penetration testing.
  • Familiarity with computer forensics tools like EnCase, Access Data, and FTK. Knowledge of maintaining the 'forensic chain.'
  • Competency in malware analysis, reverse-engineering, and assembly language.
  • Proficiency in using disassemblers, debuggers, and malware analysis tools such as IDA, OllyDbg, Cuckoo Sandbox, etc.
  • Strong research skills and the ability to write clear and structured user documentation for information systems and IT security domains.
  • Capacity to prepare and write market studies related to IT security solutions.
  • Ability to participate in technical meetings and represent the team.
  • Fluency in English at a minimum B2 level is required.


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