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Sales Specialist

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We are hiring for one of our clients
( Sales outdoor )
For Etisalat Masr
- Males ، Females -

Responsibilities :
-contract and sales deals with clients
-periodic follow-up of all services provided by the company
-monitoring the behavior of competing companies and studying the labor market by collecting information on the current market
-polarization new customers, attracting them to the company, and encouraging them to increase their turnout
- Promoting and marketing the company's services and convincing customers of them
-listening to customer complaints and dealing with them in order to achieve their satisfaction

Requirements and skills :
-A condition of experience in sales from 1 to 2 years
-v.good command of English is a must
-Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software
-excellent communication and people skills

Work conditions :
-working hours: 8 hours
-Friday and Saturday off

- Salary 6000
- Social / Medical Insurance

Kindly send your CV to my0305395@gmail.com
Or contact the WhatsApp 01004227772

Please, mention - job title in the subject.


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